From Isaiah

Hi it’s Isaiah

I have made some good friends. Their names are Joshua, Stephen, Moses, Peter and lots of others. We hunt fish with a bow and arrow, that we make from bamboo and coconut palm leaves as arrows. When you shoot at wood they go straight into it and make a big hole.

We have made fires and cooked spicy food with ginger and noodle on the fire. And most of the time I have been carrying a grass knife and a bush knife [machete]. The grass knife is the coolest one as it’s the sharpest one. We make canoe boats in the back creek and we have fun. Tonight we had a big thunder storm.

I start school on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to school. I might be in grade 4 and if I’m in grade 4 I have a New Zealand teacher. Me and my friends have been running everywhere and have seen a lot of flying foxes


in their nests and have seen one fly out. I miss New Zealand and everyone and will see you in a year. Love Isaiah.

4 thoughts on “From Isaiah”

  1. Thanks Isaiah for your story. Is sounds like you are having a fun time at Kapuna. I hope you are being very careful with those knives. We miss you too. Love nana.

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  2. Hey Isaiah, remember when we went on a bush walk and you had Grandad’s knife… I thought he had let you borrow it and was kind of surprised because it was a really really big knife! Sounds like you get to go bush with heaps of knives in PNG, and really really big ones too.
    It’s cool to read your story and to hear how exciting life is for you at Kapuna.
    Love you,
    Aunty Cat x

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  3. Isaiah – it sounds like you were so very brave when you were so sick, and I’m so glad you are well. It sounds like you are having a lot of adventures in Kapuna – a bow and arrow?! Wow! Knives!? Wow x 2! I hope you keep having a wonderful time. Lots of love from New Zealand.


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