We are the Noakes family from Lower Hutt, New Zealand. This is the story of our big adventure to Papua New Guinea! We’re at Kapuna Rural Hospital in Gulf Province, an isolated village hospital 3 hours down the Purari river from the Purari airstrip and several hours west of Kerema township. It was established by the Anglican CMS in the 1950s and is now run by Gulf Christian Services, a local nondenominational Christian Charity.

Rebekah: I’m a mother and a Registured Nurse. I was at Kapuna 12 years ago for 3 months between my first and second years of nursing traing and have hoped to return since that time. I will be doing some teaching at the Community Health Worker Training School as well as Nursing Management projects at Kapuna including helping scale up TB control projects.

Matt: I have worked in a range of sales jobs before coming to Kapuna, mostly in the industrial sector. I will be drawing on this experience, as well as my personal skills in building and engineering in my roles as Supply Coordinator/Work Site Preparation Officer. I love my kids and I’m enjoying spending more time with them since I finished work in New Zealand, but am missing my eldest, Tayla, who is still living in Dunedin with her mother. I’m a mad keen fly fisherman and very hopeful of getting into some tropical species.

Isaiah: I’m 7 years old and will be going to school at Kapuna this year. I love friends, being outside, hard work, using tools and fishing with Dad.

Mercy: I’m 5 and Mum and Dad have decided that I will start school when I get back to New Zealand. I will be going to Kindergarten at Kapuna. I love imaginative play, animal families and learning my letters.

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