Mercy’s thoughts:

Mercy’s Thoughts:

Hi it’s Mercy.

I miss you guys!

On the small plane we drove through a Thunderstorm. It was fun, and all the people laughed at me for saying so.

We landed on a earth strip, we got off the plane and then went on a boat which was fast!!!! I sat on Daddy’s knee the whole way. We sped down river! We were down below the thunderstorm.  We got to Kapuna and walked down the long wharf to get some water. Then we found our house. Everyone was tired and sick especially Isaiah.

I love Kapuna now.

Miss you and love you lots


1 thought on “Mercy’s thoughts:”

  1. Dearest Mercy – so good to hear from you. That plane ride sounds amazing. I am so pleased to hear that you all got better after being so terribly sick and that you love Kapuna. Sending lots of aroha from Aotearoa to you. Mim


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